Our process from idea to production

The first contact

You send an email to info@lalopez.nl with your lingerie wishes, the more information you can provide, the better we can answer your questions. Think of mentioning desired quantities, lingerie sizes and deadlines. If desired, there will be an appointment at our office in Hilversum or online. During this first consultation we look at your wishes in detail and we will complete a questionnaire for your project together. For this consultation we apply a fixed price.

The lingerie designs

You can provide your own lingerie design sketches, moodboard or samples at La Lopez. If desired, our team can design and deliver moodboards for you. The costs depend on the complexity and amount of designs.

Choosing materials, fabrics and accessories

Together with you we make a choice of prototype materials that are provided by La Lopez. In consultation with and after control by La Lopez, you can also supply these materials yourself.

Patterns and sizes

La Lopez has developed her own lingerie size system. Our years of experience and expertise in the field of lingerie fit have translated our own way of measuring and lingerie grading. Based on your desired size format, we create a size table that is focused on your market. Based on the size table, we develop the sewing patterns and associated grading.


We also develop the prototypes in our workshop in the Netherlands. In the lingerie prototypes, your personal size table is immediately implemented. Furthermore, the best combination of materials and sewing systems is determined. The prototype is fitted to a model and together with you the fit, design and quality is assessed.

After fitting, small adjustments included in the quote can be made. Because of our fit expertise, there is usually little fine tuning required. If necessary, we make an additional prototype, then the costs depend on the type and the amount of adjustments.

When the plant has studied the prototype you approved, we receive factory prototype prices and production prices. After this, the factory can make the prototype(s).

Production and quality control

We can already produce lingerie from 25 pieces per size, lower numbers are possible in consultation. Production takes place after your and our approval of the factory prototype and if all production materials are present at the factory. All materials for production are purchased for you. For the production materials we send a separate quote. Materials are always pre-paid in connection with our suppliers who also ask for prepayment.


Example 11 prototype

text on delivery

Delivery ready:

16 weeks after deposit and delivery of all materials.

(delivery can be left if the holiday periods are used)


Your designs and ideas are in safe hands with us. Confidentiality obligations apply to both parties.


For the release of a quote, we charge a fixed rate, with a repayment scheme. When accepting the tender, 50 of the tender costs will be deducted from the tender. When you pass the contract, you will pay 50 or 75 of the total costs in the quote.

Additional Services

Digital Work


– labelling and packaging
– photo shoots
– corporate identity, website and webshop