There are many women with hypersensitive skin / breasts

Some cannot tolerate lace in lingerie, some cannot tolerate synthetic materials.

Lingerie and underwear for sensitive skin

You get home and the first thing you want to do is take off your bra so you can be comfortable… sound familiar? You’re not alone. It seems like fewer and fewer lingerie brands are making comfort a priority, choosing instead to use low-quality synthetic fibres to keep their costs down.

However, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the short- and long-term health implications of these cheap, plastic-based materials (because yes – polyester is a plastic). At best, they can be itchy, sweaty, and just generally unpleasant to wear. You deserve better.

Lingerie made from soft, fine-quality materials has unfortunately become a niche market, but it’s a niche that I have specialised in with love. I’ve actually found that most women’s skin is sensitive to some degree, and I want to tailor-make lingerie you’ll not only love the fitting, but the feeling too.

La Lopez lingerie primarily uses three natural fibres:

La Lopez lingerie gebruikt voornamelijk drie natuurlijke vezels:


Silk is a natural protein, woven by silkworms. It’s highly hypoallergenic, and dreamily soft.
It’s also a great fiber to wear year-round, feeling cool against the skin in the summer and warm in the winter.

silk should dispel all doubts.


From the fluffy cotton plant, this fibre is naturally breathable and durable.
It wicks moisture away from the body, so you stay feeling fresh and dry.


Langer fris en droog

Bamboeproducten hebben van nature antibacteriële eigenschappen, waardoor kleding gemaakt van bamboe onaangename geuren tegengaat en langer fris blijft. Door het perfecte absorberende en vocht doorlatende vermogen, blijf je fris en droog bij warm weer, maar blijf je ook warmer tijdens koud weer.

Geen bestrijdingsmiddelen

Bamboe is een duurzaam en ecologisch verantwoord product, want het kan meerdere malen geoogst worden, het heeft genoeg aan natuurlijke regenval en neemt maar weinig ruimte in, omdat het de hoogte in groeit. Dankzij zijn natuurlijke antibacteriële eigenschappen hoeven er bovendien geen bestrijdingsmiddelen gebruikt te worden. Goed voor de natuur, en goed voor je huid.

La Lopez Lingerie for Sensitive Skin

Everything that I make has been thoughtfully-designed with your comfort in mind, bras made using breathable bamboo and ultra-soft lace, soft-cupped silk tops which you can wear to lounge in or as outerwear and soft briefs, made without elastic at the leg line.

Looking sexy is fun, but your lingerie and sleepwear should also be comfortable. Switching to natural fibers can improve your sleep, improve your day… improve your life!

Visit the shop to view our skin-friendly collection now.

Want to entirely overhaul your lingerie wardrobe? On request, I make smaller productions of 5 or 10 bras. If you need more, I am able to work with a specialised lingerie production partner to make that happen!

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