Deisy Maria Rosa Lopez/La Lopez

Lingerie Designer Portfolio – Deisy Maria Rosa Lopez

I’m passionate about creating beautiful lingerie and swimwear that fits flawlessly and uses the best possible materials.
I know the importance of perfecting a design before it’s released to the public. I design lingerie patterns and create product samples especially for designers who want to test their product idea before investing in large-scale production. Sometimes what we have in mind doesn’t really work in practise – you want to know that before you commit to a big order!

My process is a collaborative one. You are free to be involved in every step of trialling your collection, so that you can learn about everything that goes into bringing it to life. After all, manufacturers want to work with designers who know what they are talking about. All of my clients are passionate about their product, naturally, but after working with me they’re more confident in it too.
Here under you can see a selection of my work, such as for designer lingerie label Pleasurements. Also included are projects done for high-profile individuals, such as dressing Yasmin Verheijen for the Miss Dutch finals and Silvana Simons for Dancing with the Stars, as well as creations commissioned by sewing magazines. Read on to learn more about each project, from design to production.
Or get in touch to discuss how I can help you to create your own collection, from idea to production!

D.M.Rosa Lopez Bijlsma /La Lopez, La Lopez