La Lopez for Yasmin Verheijen


This more advanced course is for anyone who wants to progress to luxury or bridal lingerie,
swimwear, corsets, shirts/tops and even men’s underwear. We take a closer look at pattern designs and explain how to design bras for larger sizes as well as different bra variants such as Push-up
During the master class you will learn how to convert design sketches into functional sewing patterns.
We give you all the tools you need to succeed as a lingerie designer – the rest, as they say, is up to YOU!


A) the first modules are required to continue to the Masterclass course

These are the specialization courses:
Tops and shirts
d) Basic tops with boxer, body with sleeves, body stocking without underwire.
e) Boned tops (corset model), belly corset, short sleeve shirt, wrap shirt.

Prosthesis underwear

f) Prosthetic bra balcony-up, figure shaping briefs, v-neck bra.
g) Prosthetic tops with slip, prosthetic slip with slip, bodylet.
h) Swimwear: Tankini with swimming trunks, luxury bathing suit, bathing suit with drapery.
i) Swimwear: Three types of luxury bathing suits.

j) Basic bikini with two bottoms, swimsuit with skirt, swimsuit with drapery.
k) Luxurious bathing suit asymmetrical, luxurious bikini, bathing suit with sleeves.
l) Swimsuit with drapery bikini with drapery,luxury asymmetrical swimsuit.
Leisure underwear

Men’s underwear.

m) Non-wired bra, boxer shorts, top and slip.
n) Nightgown with drape, luxurious slip dress, top styling and thong.

Maternity lingerie
o) Basic boxer, 5 models of basic underpants.
p) Shirt, boxer shorts models styling.

New courses
q) Nursing bra with position briefs, non-wired bra with briefs.
r) Maternity swimsuit, maternity bikini.

s) Draw and sew three molded bras or bikinis with various molded cups.

Figure-correction underwear
t) Bodylet/ Body shapewear slip, body with bottom.
Drawing and making corsets (advanced only).

Drawing corset patterns from your figure
u) Strapless corset with front fastening and lacing at the back, belly corset with front fastening and lacing.



  • Bh met push-up beugels
  • BH met beugels half-asymmetrisch