This course is for anyone who wants to progress from a fashion course to luxury bridal lingerie,
swimwear, corsets, shirts/tops and even men’s underwear. We dive deeper into pattern design and explain how to design bras for larger sizes, as well as different bra variations such as Push-up
During the training you will learn how to convert design sketches into functional sewing patterns.
We give you all the tools you need to succeed as a lingerie designer – the rest, as they say, is up to YOU!

This (Lingerie weghalen) course prepares students to learn everything needed to create a fashion-conscious and marketable lingerie or swimwear collection. You will learn not only how to draw different types of lingerie pieces or swimwear, but also about different lingerie materials, and how to put them together to create a perfect fit. By researching the latest lingerie trends, you can create a mood board to present your idea. You then continue to study the different bust shapes and fit according to the materials you will use, ending with a finished pattern collection for yourself or for a production.

Outside of the course, you can register for an online workshop to be able to really make all the designs you created

For the training you will need:

PC or laptop.
Mobile phone
Book “designing and creating lingerie for all sizes”
a spring ring binder
A4 paper without lines
color tabs A4
an A/4 ruler
Pens and pencil
Tracing paper, transparent and patterned paper.

Training A-Part 1 and 2

From the handbook, “Lingerie Design and Creating for All Sizes”

NB! You must order the book separately Author: D.M.R.Lopez EAN 9789078094982

Bra with bottom edge, Bra without bottom edge, Bodystocking, Hip briefs, Low waist briefs, Waist briefs and Asymmetrical thong.

Additional designs

Education B
Lingerie 3D shaping:
Bras with vertical cups, luxury briefs, ¾ lace briefs, push-up with thong, 3-piece cup bra and lace boxer shorts.

Lingerie cursus-online -grote-maten

Education C
Bridal lingerie: Strapless bustier with briefs, torsolette with push-up cups, thong,
balcony bra with briefs, strapless bra with thong and suspenders.


Education D
Tops and shirts:
Basic tops, Boxer, body with sleeves, body stocking without underwire, top with cups,
shirt with short sleeves

In addition to the lingerie training, you can register for a short lingerie course, or attend an online workshop.

You must order the book separately via our webshop Author: D.M.R.Lopez EAN 9789078094982

Education A-Part 1 en 2

  • Number of lessons 4, a 2-hour lesson every week
  • including VAT

Education B

  • Number of lessons 4, a 2-hour lesson every week
  • including VAT

Education C

  • Number of lessons 4, a 2-hour lesson every week
  • including VAT

Education D

  • Number of lessons 8, a 2-hour lesson every week
  • including VAT