Lingerie patterns in your own size

Having lingerie patterns made in your own size to get started at home is also a solution for custom-made lingerie.
For production purposes; you must make an appointment. Via
New from La Lopez!
La Lopez offers a solution for people and studios who do not have the dexterity or time to design custom patterns themselves
In addition to the now familiar lingerie package, with which you receive all the materials for the lingerie piece you want, La Lopez now also supplies you with the pattern and a sewing description! This gives you a complete package to make your lingerie at home.
All designs from the book designing and creating lingerie are available as patterns in various sizes. You can choose from patterns for bras, briefs and body stockings. Thanks to our universal La Lopez bra sizing system you can always order the right size.
Of course you can still order a separate lingerie package and the patterns are also available separately.
La Lopez Lingerie patterns meet a high fit quality. Each pattern is designed and adapted for a specific type of fabric, underwire or type of lace to maintain the best possible fit.