With the ®La Lopez bra size system you can now buy well-fitting bras online, completely to your taste. How is that possible? We are happy to explain it to you.

What is your bra size according to the ®La Lopez bra size system?

First we measure and then we calculate it for you with our own software.

Underbust size:(circumference) This is measured by placing the centimetre around the bust from desired height at center front (A) to desired height at bra side seam (B). You should measure this tight, along the top edge of the bracket.

Bust depth: This is measured from the bust point (C) straight down to above the edge of the underwire (D).

Bust: This is measured tightly under the bust around the lower bust (E).

It is also possible to order lingerie from La Lopez via this system. See for this under La Lopez lingerie. There you will find various models from which to choose. These can be adjusted, so that you run as little risk as possible when ordering.

For your information: the La Lopez size chart is a registered table with which the certainty of a well-fitting bra is many times greater than the conventional method. This allows you to order an “almost” tailor-made lingerie from us.

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