La Lopez Lingerie  exclusive

Our sustainable vision

The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. It’s filling our air with carbon
emissions, our oceans with microplastics, and our landfills with synthetic fabrics that won’t
decompose. This simply can’t continue.
La Lopez Lingerie offers you an alternative – sustainable, slow-fashion lingerie that’s kind to
you and kind to the environment. We focus on natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and
bamboo, which are soft to wear and will biodegrade when you’re done with them.
Our small-scale, handmade production also ensures we can keep wastage to an absolute
minimum, producing only what we can sell. Plus, it means we can give each piece the love
and attention required to create premium-quality lingerie that will last and last – so you can
buy less, and buy better.

Our comfort-first approach

By using only natural fabrics, our lingerie is intrinsically kind to sensitive skin – it’s
hypoallergenic, breathable, and very soft. We thoroughly research and test each material
before we use it, to ensure it meets our high quality and comfort standards.
All La Lopez lingerie is also designed in house, using exclusive patterns that remove
unnecessary seaming. Whether it’s adding padding to the shoulder straps or creating a leg
line that’s elastic-free, your comfort is always at the forefront of our creative process. And
because a perfect fit is crucial to feeling comfortable, we’re always happy to adjust a design
or make it to measure.

Our quality guarantee

Here at La Lopez Lingerie, we stand behind what we create. Our lingerie is not only
beautiful, but durable too. Our seams won’t rip, our wires won’t pop out, and our fabrics
won’t wear thin. With proper care, such as gentle hand-washing, you can expect your La
Lopez garments to last much longer than a mass-produced version.
In fact, we’re so confident in our product quality that we offer a repair guarantee on every
garment – in the (incredibly unlikely!) event that your La Lopez lingerie breaks through
ordinary wear*, we’ll replace shoulder straps, underwires or hook-and-eye fastenings for up
to 3 months after you purchase.
*This policy excludes damage incurred by improper wear and washing, such as heat damage
from a tumble-dryer. Please remember to treat your La Lopez Lingerie nicely – hand-wash in
lukewarm water and allow to air dry.